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During the past 62 years the Fogolâr has organized many social, recreational, educational and cultural events based around the traditions in Friuli and the Veneto, as well as new events that have become tradition in Manitoba.  The association has provided fellowship to the members as well as an opportunity to enjoy various aspects of their background within Canada and pass down their culture and heritage to their children, grandchildren and community as a whole.

Our History

On October 1958, the first meeting of the Fogolâr was held by four visionary Friulani: Romeo Bidinosti, Leo Copetti, Danilo Calligaro, and Adolfo Rimati who reminisced about their homeland. To maintain their language, traditions and customs they needed to form an organization that would unite all Friulani in Manitoba and in doing so would create a sense of the Famèe Furlane that they left behind.  The Fogolâr’s constitution was enacted on January 18, 1959. Led by its first President, Guerrino Battigelli, the Fogolar’s mandate was simple:  to be a fraternal organization providing moral and social support to families originating from the Friuli while providing the opportunity to celebrate, preserve and share their cultural heritage, and to continue to speak their beloved friulano language, in their new home.

In 1961, the Fogolâr extended its mandate to include members originating from the neighboring region of Veneto in Italy. Similar to the Friulani, the Veneti recognized the importance of preserving their identity by maintaining the regional customs, traditions and language.  These members had participated and supported the Fogolâr since its inception and thus were made equal members henceforth. The new language used was a blend of friulano, triestino, trevisano, veneziano, vicentino…what a beautiful new language made in Manitoba!

FOUNDERS – Campo Fogolar “Anola”

The Campo Fogolar “Anola’ site was discoverd by Aldo Croatto, the property was an abandoned former ANOLA CN Railway Station, and it soon was transformed into the Fogolar’s pride.  In order to purchase the property funds needed to be raised. The fundraising trio – Luciano Toppazzini, Roberta Novel and Aldo Croatto, passionately and fervently campaigned, going door to door to raise the necessary funds required to purchase the property.            

The acquisition of the property of Anola was made possible with the donations made by the following individuals who are now referred as the Founding Members Campo Fogolar.  We thank them all for their foresight and generousity. Many of these members continued to support the Campo Fogolar volunteering their time to help maintain the property. The property was maintained by the members on a volunteer basis – no salaries were paid – true volunteerism!  

Fam. Angelo Andreosso
Guerrino Battigelli
Fam. Sergio Bevilaqua
Fam. Renato Bianchi
Romeo Bidinosti
Fam. Danilo Buldo
Fam. Amedeo Capone
Danilo Calligaro
Fam. Antonio Calesso
Fam. Rino Canal
Fam Tino Capochin
Fam. Gabrielle Capovilla
Fam. Carmelo Condello
Fam. Egidio Copetti
Fam. Pietro Copetti
Fam. Nino Coran
Fam. Vittorio Cozzuol
Fam. Aldo Croatto
Fam. Roberto Croatto
Fam. Romeo Croatto
Fam. Giacomo DalCin
Fam. Vittorio Dalcin

Sandra & Fulvio Damiani 
Fam. Sergio Daniel
Fam. Umberto DeiCont
Fam. Domenico DeLuca 
Fam. U. DeNardi
Fam. Ermenegildo DiBiaggio
Fam. Giuseppe Dobran
Fam. Alberto Falsarella
Fam. Carlo Fassina
Fam. Cornelio Feriolo
Giuseppe Fillipin
Sergio Furlan
Fam. Valentino Gamboz
Fam. Alfredo Giavedoni
Giuseppe Mardero
Fam. Tarcisio Mardero
Fam. Franco Marini
Fam. Silvio Mascarin
Fam. Giobatta Mauro
Fam. Bruno Molinari
Ernesto Morelli
Mirko Moroso
Roberta & Guido Novel
Fam. Marcello Padoan
Fam. Elio Petricig
Fam. Lino Piva

Giuseppe Rancan
Giulio Rinaldi
Antonia Rizzo
Fam. Edris Sabbadini
Letizia Sandron
Fam. Riccardo Sandron
Fam. Elio Savron
Fam. Giuseppe Schiavon
Fam. Antonio Silvari
Fam. Vincenzo Sinosich
Fam. Giuseppe Stangherlin 
Fam. Renzo Stangherlin
Fam. Arturo Strapazzon  
Fam. Domenico Tavian
Fam. Nino Tesser
Fam. Luciano Toppazzini
Fam. Luigi Vendramelli
Attilio Venuto
Fam. Luigi Villa
Giovanna Zachor
Fam. Paolo Zamparutti
Fam. Mario Zava

The unveiling of the Bronze Plaque with all the Founders Names that was mounted a boulder that had been retrieved from the field at Anola. This bronze plaque can now be found at the Centro Caboto.  

Partner Organizations

About Ente Friuli nel Mondo

The Fogolar of Winnipeg is one of 140 fogolars in the world we are united by our umbrella organization called Friuli nel Mondo which provides us great support and connectivity.

L ‘ Ente Friuli nel Mondo is a private non-profit organization founded in Udine June 20, 1953 and recognized regional interest by the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The organization independently promotes connections with Friulians residing in Italy and in the world and operates both with its own initiatives and with the help of the member associations, generally constituted with the name of Fogolâr Furlan or Famee Furlane.. With its approximately 150 active associations, operating in offices also owned, and with over 20,000 members of all ages affiliated in every continent, the organization has an extraordinary relational heritage available to the entire regional and national system (adheres to the UNAIE, of which he is a founding member, and to FAIM).

The Friuli nel Mondo organization carries out an action of moral, cultural and material support, establishing every useful form of collaboration also with international institutions and Italian diplomatic authorities in order to maintain and promote the Friulian cultural identity, intercultural dialogue, solidarity between generations, vocational training, labor mobility, business development, international partnership. The organization is responsible for the editing of the bimonthly magazine Friuli nel Mondo , distributed worldwide since December 1952, manages the website www.friulinelmondo.com and the Facebook profile www.facebook.com/ente.friulinelmondo .

The organization has videoconferencing equipment in order to establish, with the help of new information technologies, ever closer and more immediate relationships with fellow countrymen residing around the world. The process of digital reconversion of the archives and of the entire editorial production is also oriented towards this objective, which has allowed the online publication on the website of the complete collection of the periodical magazine Friuli in the world starting from the first historic issue in November 1952, of a sound anthology of 250 radio broadcasts made for thirty years in collaboration with RAI and the photographic archive consisting of thousands of images from all over the world. BLECS – Pillole di friulano also fall into this area, the first video conversation guide in the Friulian language, BLECS – Clips of Friulian , in the Friulian / English version, and BLECS – Perlas de Friulano , in the Friulian / Spanish version, available online at www.friulinelmondo.com and at www. youtube.it/canaleblecs , and the production of film documentaries, the most important of which concerns the substantial financial and moral contribution provided by Friulians to the world for the reconstruction of the areas hit by the violent earthquake of 6 May 1976 .

About the Fogolârs Federation of Canada

The Fogolârs Federation of Canada is an association of 17 fogolârs or famèes across the country. We are one of Fogolar Federation of Canada which is comprised of 18 fogolars across Canada.      

The Federation was formed in 1980 as a means of communication for the clubs, and to keep all Furlans informed of each others’ activities. It publishes 2 times a year, and holds a Congress every two years. Activities of the Congress include workshops, an art exhibit, sightseeing, a mass and gala dinner.

Fogolârs Federation of Canada
Phone: (905) 851-7898
Email: fog.fed@sympatico.ca

Presidente: Joe Tosco
Vice Presidente: Luisa Del Belluz
Segretaria: Sonia Bertolissi
Tesoriere: Renzo Rigutto
Direttore D’Ufficio: Alberto De Rosa

For more info: http://www.fogolarsfederation.com 

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